It’s Not About Me

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That’s where it began…

It all started at a desk with a computer screen in the summer of 2008. At a job that was fulfilling but extremely draining, a calling for me, one to grow up, to mature in but also to show His love to a population that was riddled with confusion, sin, darkness, & ridiculed by society.

There was no privacy at this desk, conversations swarmed the area. Conversations swarmed my head. It was the battleground and many different spirits came and went.

I prayed daily for this space, for my work, for the people I came in contact with. I studied the word daily, this was my strength and peace and weapon when I was confronted with people, with the demands and with my own self.

I needed more, I needed simplicity, I needed Him. He wanted me there.

I found that acronyms worked in the midst of this chaos. First it was ….INOMB= it’s none of my business. Which worked for a while and people would pass by asking what INOMB meant. And I’d tell them.

But then I needed more! I needed to realize that each moment whether in that space or the space of my car, or later on my seat on the local bus, my home, my seat at church, or at a meeting. It’s not about me!

Which birthed INAM, it’s not about me….I wrote this on a green small sticky note under my computer screen. And stared at it frequently, day in and day out. I continued to pray, go to work, do the best I could according to His will for my life.

Then a year later He revealed to me, “Amanda you’re right, it’s not about you, it’s not about what you think you are not, what you think you should do or should know or should measure up to. It’s all about me. Yahweh. I died for you and every single person to know me. So place the cross that Jesus died on for you over what is NOT and KNOW that all you do, all you say is all about I AM. I gave Moses the words…the direction. I AM who I say I AM.

Therefore INAM with the cross over the N was birthed to bring glory to Him, Yahweh and all that He is. Period.

This was the beginning.

God said to Moses, ‘I AM who I AM.’ And He said, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’

Exodus 3:14 ESV


It’s Not About Me is a nonprofit ministry to strengthen His body and to glorify His name Christ Jesus. We partner with organizations who also agree in this vision and are attempting to bring freedom to those who are still held captive. As it is stated ….

“The Spirit of the LORD God is upon me,

because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor;

he has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted,

to proclaim liberty-VICTORY to the captives,

and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor,

and the day of vengeance of our God;

to comfort all who mourn;

to grant to those who mourn in Zion-

to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes,

the oil of gladness instead of mourning,

the garment of praise ; instead of a faint spirit;

that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified.

They shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations;

they shall repair the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.

Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭61:1-4, 7‬ ‭ESV‬‬,7.esv

In Whom Do You Trust?

Faith, Freedom, Hope

I heard this question on a television show and it sparked my interest. In whom do I trust? Do I trust in God or am I trusting in self? Am I trusting in doctors and medicine or trusting God for my healing?

I haven’t posted much since starting here on WordPress. And I surely have not posted much in the past several months.

First of all, I ran out of beautiful stories from Freeset who made Gods Its Not About Me into tangible pieces to share with others.

The other reason was when I began this space to share about Jesus and all He has done in beautiful peoples lives as well as my own, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, stage three if you want to stage it, the kind that is chronic and had made its way into my brain.

I knew nothing of this nasty life sucker til October 2018.

It had found its way into my brain and buried itself deep within. It has seemed to take away so much in this short span of time but God has also given so much.

I resigned from my position as a Registered Nurse on thanksgiving 2018. Gratitude was not on my lips, interestingly since I knew my calling was not at this particular place.

I wanted to be a stay at home mom but on my terms. I didn’t want my career taken from me, in dramatic form -that is how I looked at this situation at first.

My career doesn’t define me. My health doesn’t define me. Jesus defines me.

I also looked at this time and place as one where God was changing me inside out once again.

I am still out of work but looking to return to my calling – Hospice Nursing. I am also still in treatment for this Lyme thing.

I have found what rest truly is. That healing prayer is amazing and that we do in fact have the power that raised Jesus from the grave living within us. That He did say that we would do greater works than these that He did and we have the power to claim that and pursue it!

I have reengaged in writing a book that God put on my heart in 2012 right around the time that He gave me this visual of Its Not About Me! And I have committed to Him that I will obey and do what He has called me to do – be in His loving presence and to run the race that He has set before me. Before me! No one else!

It’s Not About Me, all this is not about me! All this is about Him, the way His breath and His voice and song speaks through each and everyone of my days and moments.

I’m praying these words direct you to your first love… Jesus, and our loving Papa God, while speaking continuously to Holy Spirit through out each day and most importantly… listening and being still.

May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, may Papa God turn his face towards you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26


Rima’s Story


Happy February Family!

I have been away and in a couple posts you all will find out why.

But for now I would like to continue the focus of the start up of INAM to continue to focus on the beautiful people Freeset has given second thirsts and even fourth chances to transform their lives.

Please welcome Rima….

“I’m 38-years old and have one teenage son in secondary school.

Someone told me about Freeset and the work they are doing. This job showed me the promise of a better life.

Freeset trained me in sewing and taught me to read and write.

I remember signing my name to collect my first salary. I will never forget that day in my life.

I wanted my son to come and see where I worked so on Freeset’s birthday, I took him to the Freeset facility. He hardly spoke to anyone during the celebration, but when we reached home, he said ‘Your facility is so big. One day I also want to work in a office like that.'”

– Rima, Freeset Kolkata employee

Thank you Rima!

Talk with you all soon!

In His Love-


Seema’s Story


“I’m 35-years old and a mother of two, a 16-year old daughter and 14-year old son. They are my world. I started working at Freeset in the printing department and now I’m the printing supervisor.

Having a job allows me to save money for my children’s future. In my culture, we pass down gold jewelry to our children so that if there are any problems, they can be protected by our family inheritance. With my savings, I was able to buy these gold earrings for my daughter. I was so proud to be able to do this for her.”

– Seema, Freeset Kolkata employee

During this season let’s take a moment or two or three and really think about all that we have been blessed with just as Seema has shown us.

What are we working hard for? What type of inheritance are we planning to leave?

My heart is to leave an inheritance of heaven!

May His presence encompass you through and through. May His heart be what you are after and not the hurried-ness, possession-ness, or burdensome of the world. He has come for us to taste and see that He is good!

Praying for each of us to continue to know that it’s not about self, that it IS about Jesus!

In His Love ~ Amanda

Manufa’s Story


Please welcome Manufa’s story on how Freeset has helped her transform her life…

“I have my mother, father, my two daughters, a young sister and my niece at home.

I have been working at Freeset Sherpur for almost two years. From 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon are my working hours. I love working here. At Freeset I have also made friends and I love weaving.

Our lives have been full of trouble but now it feels like the trouble is behind us.

Working at Freeset Sherpur I have rented a plot of land, installed a water tap at home, bought a cow, purchased jewellery for my sister.

I love that they respect me this encourages me to work even harder. I feel transformed and more included in a good society.”

– Manufa, Freeset Sherpur employee