Have you ever found a company or business that just takes your breath away or touches your heart?  Well Freeset did that for me and when I had learned about them from a sweet mentor – I knew I would come back to them when God said the time was right.

Freeset, believes “that people deserve to live in freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom from poverty, and freedom from exploitation. Their mission is to help communities live a life of freedom as a Fair Trade non-profit.  Bringing freedom to communities in West Bengal, India and beyond through employment and education.”

Freeset check them out

I have been in contact with Freeset for several years, they probably thought this would never come to fruition either.  But God!

I am praying that the women who are creating these INAM keychains are spoken to through Jesus and His Holy Spirit.  That the Cross that He died on for each one of us will speak to just one woman.  That she will hear Him, feel Him and KNOW Him.  That she will accept Jesus as her Lord and savior and start a revolution right there!  She is an overcomer just like each one of us!  In Jesus name I lift her up to you YAHWEH, AMEN!



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