Why I’m a rusted wreck

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They say it’s not why but who.
But don’t they ask why??
I try to think about The Who but then it returns to but God look…
And there lies the answer…
“But God”
Hope in Him
Trust in Him
Because at the end of the day …. it’s not about me
It is about Him the Great I AM – YAHWEH
All these ailments that this body which is temporary is just that …temporary.
And as CS Lewis says “we are a soul and we have a body.”
So how do I care for my soul when there is so much pressure to care for the temporary?!?!?
Do I want to tend to the eternal or temporary that will decay?
We believe not by sight but by faith steps, not physical steps.
 Like the wind – our Holy Spirit within, blanketing our outsides. The Spirit directs, so feed it, charge it daily, plug in to the power source that is brighter and more fulfilling that anything we could try to fill it with.
So back to the original question – why? Or is it Who?
I want to know why.
Is it all to show how His love is unstoppable? Because I choose Him.

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